Giovanni's Pizza Albuquerque, voted best pizza in Albuquerque, voted top 100 pizzas in the nation.
  • USA Today, 2012
    51 great pizza parlors (nationwide)

"Whether a tried-and-true standard or an imaginative gourmet creation, pizza is an all-American crowd pleaser. USA TODAY asked local experts to name one great pizza parlor in each state and the District of Columbia. Here are their picks for places to savor that favorite Italian import..."
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  • KKOB, Channel 13, 2012
    USA Today names Giovanni's New Mexico's best pizza

"Albuquerque restaurant Giovanni's was named New Mexico's best pizza by USA Today. USA Today teamed up with ZAGAT, an online restaurant reviewer to identify the best pizza sold in each state.New Mexico food writer Sally Moore recommended Giovanni's, 921 San Pedro Dr. SE, to take the state's top pizza honor."
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  • KRQE, Channel 13, 2012
    And the best pizza in New Mexico is..".

"ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - Who makes the best pizza in New Mexico? According to USA Today, it's Giovanni's Pizzeria in southeast Albuquerque. The national newspaper also says the "old fashioned" pizza restaurant is one of the top 50 in the nation..."
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  • Albuquerque, the Magazine, 2011
    Best Pizza in Albuquerque"
  • Pizza Today, 2008

"America's Top 100 Independent Pizza restaurants for 12 years including 2008"

  • Alibi, 2007
    Restaurant Review

"I was glad I got the slice... of proper New York-style pizza, complete with super-thin crust, cheese baked to brown perfection, just the right amount of sauceand pepperonis with those crispy little edges."

  • Albuquerque Journal 2000
    Dining Out

"What you will find is a small selection of very tasty, hot and pleasantly-topped pizzas"

  • La Cocinita, 2006

"Giovanni's consistently ranks among the best pizza parlors in the country and has been written up in La Cocinita, on, and a horde of other publications.  How Julia Miller missed this gem is beyond me."

  • Crosswinds, 2005

"When we think of pizza, we think of New York City (no offense Chicago). And then we think of New York's Giovanni's where we imagine Uncle Joey from Long Island would be most at home.  Thin crust and a genuine New York attitude permeates the air here."

  • Albuquerque Monthly
    Restaraunt Guide

"Crusts of Giovanni's superb pizzas are thin but soft rather than crisp, toppings are laid on unstintingly, and prices are reasonable."

  • Alibi, 2000
    The Real New Yorker Pizza

"One thing I do know is that it's hard to find a good slice of pizza in this town...The only pizzeria I've found that can provide that fix is Giovanni's..."

  • Editorial Review for Giovanni's Pizza – by Gwyneth Doland

"The requisite toppings are available, but Giovanni's specialty pizzas steal the show. The White Pie's three heaping layers of cheese are too much of a good thing, but Giovanni's Spinach Pie is nearly perfect, with a thick layer of bright, juicy (not soggy), flavorful spinach. Even spinach haters will succumb. The Pummarola pizza, with no cheese, extra garlicky tomato sauce, onions and spices, is killer--you'll never miss the cheese. "

  • Alibi, 1999
    Best Of Burque, staff picks

"a dash of salt and a little oregano and it's Heaven in an isosceles triangle."

  • Albuquerque Journal, 1999
    Albuquerque's Best Restaurants

"Tucked into an unassuming strip mall near Kirkland Air Force Base is Giovanni's, a gem of a pizza place that more than matches its reputation"

  • Albuquerque Tribune. 1998
    Giovanni's dishes pizza with a New York accent

"Good pizza is what we were searching for when we discovered Giovanni's and we weren't disappointed."

  • Albuquerque Tribune. 1997
    Chow Choices

"So celebrated is pizza from this small, unadorned Southeast Heights establishment that this year it was named one of the top 100 independent pizzerias in the nation..."

Albuquerque Tribune. 1997
Giovanni's dishes pizza with a New York accent

"So authentic and celebrated is pizza from Giovanni's (named for Rosario's Papa) that this year it was named one of the top 100 independent pizzerias in the nation, according to Pizza Today (no lie) magazine."
  • Albuquerque Journal, 1996
    Top 75 Restaurants in Albuquerquez

"Yes, there is lots of good pizza in Albuquerque, but only Giovanni's makes a spinach pizza so crisp, garlicky and gooey with cheese a kid would scarf it down knowing full well it contained a nutritious vegetable. Great white pizza and calzones, too. And oh, yeah, the red sauce is stellar."

  • Albuquerque Journal, 1991
    Giovanni's: Herb-Infused, Slow Cooked Taste

"We tried pizza, spaghetti, lasagna and calzone and all of it had that slow-cooked, herb-infused, food-as-love Italian flavor Madison Avenue advertising agencies try to convince you is available in a jar if you'd just buy the right brand of sauce"

  • Albuquerque Journal, 1991
    Baker's Dozen of Top Restaurants

"When the Zito family moved from Italy to Queens to Albuquerque, nothing of culinary importance
got lost in the shuffle."